Add a text box to shopify products

Text box Shopify – custom text fields

Text box  for Shopify – on the product page is your kit to add a powerful text box to your products. Let customers enter notes or comments directly on the product page. Simple and easy to use. Available on the Appstore!

Simple text field

Setting up the app is very simple and can be done in a few minutes. You can add as many fields as you like to a product and arrange them simply by dragging and dropping. You can perfectly match the fields to your products and target them perfectly. For example, you can also display the text box for one or more selected variants. The entered text of your customer is then displayed in the shopping cart and the checkout page, so your customer has everything in view and feels secure. After your customer’s checkout, you can easily view the entered notes on the respective order. Mark your text box as mandatory or limit the input to a certain number of characters. Choose between single-line and multi-line  fields. The choice is yours.

Textbox for Shopify Product Page

Improve your conversions and your workflows

Text fields are often very useful for personalized products or to add notes to the order. With fields directly on the product page, you increase your conversion rate and give your customers a transparent feeling.


  • Customers can enter text directly on the product page

  • Entered text is displayed in shopping cart and checkout page

  • Single and multiline fields

  • An easy product, collection, and variant targeting

  • Mark your text box as mandatory

  • Limit the input to a certain number of characters

Are you looking for a text box that you can integrate on your product page? Then our app is exactly the right solution for you! With our app, it’s easy to enter notes directly on the product page. This is especially helpful for personalized products. For example, to enter name, date or other wishes of the customer.

This way you increase the user-friendliness of your website and at the same time increase the conversion rate of your online store. So if you don’t feel like programming, use our  app. You don’t need any programming skills and if you have any problems, our experienced staff will help you free of charge.

What are you waiting for? Download the app now!

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Is the app free of charge?
The app is not free but can be installed for a small amount of $2.99 per month. In return, the app offers you a lot of functionality for your shop. Easy product targeting, place holder texts, font size settings and much more. Your customers‘ notes can even be easily displayed on the packing slip. Please feel free to contact us for this.

How to add custom text box field on shopify product page?

With the Textbox – Text Product Option App its very easy to add a textfield to your Shopify product page.  Just download the app, make the Theme Setup and you are ready to go to create textfields. Target the fields to every product you want!

"The app is really easy to use and has helped me a lot. I can only recommend its use. Great design and uncomplicated."
John Doe