Show the Upload Field on specific products and variants.

Show the Upload Field on specific products and variants.

To target a specific product, you can proceed as follows #

By default the button will be shown on all products. To select one or multiple products, click on the option in the middle. By clicking on this option there will show up a button, by clicking on the button you can choose the products
where the upload button should show up.

Choose from the list your products and click after you are finished on save.

Advanced product targeting (for a lot of products) #

Collection targeting #

To display the button on multiple products, it may be useful to add all products to an extra collection.
You can then easily select this collection from the list. Click on the button „Choose collection“.

Advanced targeting options #

By choosing the advanced options you have different possibilities to target your upload field. For example you can target products also through the Product title. Maybe your products are for example called like this „Example Product – Personalized“. Then you can target all products which contains for example „Personalized“ in the product title.

To target a specific variant you can proceed like this #

If you want to target a specific variant you can setup a condition. For example you can show the button just on a specific product size, color or something else. For doing this, enter your exact name of variant in the first (left) box. In the right box you can enter the options name. Like in the example „L“.

If you will save this condition, your upload field will be shown on the selected products in combination with the variant.
For example the button is now showing up on „Example Product – Personalized“ on the Variant „Size – L“.