Setup the UploadField with OS 2.0 – Themes

Setup the UploadField with OS 2.0 – Themes

Follow the instructions to make the app compatible with a Shopify Onlinestore 2.0 theme.

Step 1:
Check if you are using an OS 2.0 Theme. If you don’t know whether you are using an OS 2.0 theme, you will always find a green badge on Shopify Themes. This indicates whether you are using a standard theme or a 2.0 theme.

Step 2:
Publish the OS 2.0 Theme and go to the Shopify app section on the left. Click on the UploadField App and open it up.

Step 3:
The App Dashboard is opened. In the middle you can see the button “New upload field”.
Click this button to create your first UploadField.

Step 4:
Name your UploadField unique. You can later change the name or the settings below. First click now on the save button.

Step 5:
After you have saved your new UploadField, this will show in the App Dashboard:

Step 6:
Leave the App Section and go to your Onlinestore settings. Click on “Customize”.

Step 7:
Add the UploadField App Block to your OS 2.0 Theme. Visit a product page and add the block: