Change Upload Field position

Change Upload Field position

Position change Themes OS 1.0 #

UploadField – file upload will add your ‘Choose file’ button to your product page automatically just above the ‘Add to Cart’ button. If this is not working automatic on your OS 1.0 Theme, try to add the following code.
Or use it to change the position.

To place the button in a specified position, you have to edit your product template code by opening:
Online Store > Themes, and clicking More actions > Edit Code for your published theme.

Steps to follow:

Go to your Shopify Admin

1.    Navigate to Online Store

2.    Select Themes

3.    Navigate to Actions

4.    Click on Edit code

Your product template code is usually inside sections/product-template.liquid, but this depends on your theme.
Select the correct template from the left menu, then paste this code in where you’d like the field to appear:

5.    Locate sections/featured-product.liquid and paste this code

<div id="photouploadapp"></div>

Position change Themes OS 2.0 #

Go to your theme customizer and click on the top bar „Products“ and then „Default products“.

On the left column you can the Upload Field App Block. This app block gives you the possibility to switch the button position inside the product form easily. Be sure that you add the App Block to the right column. It should be placed inside the tab where the Buy button and the quantity selector is located.