Textbox is not visible

Textbox is not visible

Your text box is not displayed?
This can have various reasons. #

1. You are using external themes that are not from Shopify: #

Often the textbox cannot be inserted automatically because your theme does not support this.
For example, this is the case with the Wookie or Debutify theme, but also with many others.
In this case, our developers have to insert the text box manually.

2. You are using an OS 2.0 Theme and you forgot to add the App Block #

OS 2.0 is very new to the merchants. Often merchants forget to add the App Block in the customizer to activate the Textbox App. Go to Online Store -> Customize

3. You are using multiple apps and they are conflicting #

Sometimes it’s very hard that everything is working smooth. Some merchants install a lot of apps to customize their store. With every app more your theme code will change too. If you are using multiple apps for high customization like
Bundle Apps, Live Preview Product Options or Page Builders it will maybe not work by automatic. Often one app overwrites the other.

4. You changed the product, collection or variant name #

If you setted up the Textbox and you are changing afterwards the product, collection or variant name, you have to come back to the Textbox App. Select here again the product or collection, or correct the name of the variant.

5. Your product is on draft #

If your product is not yet published, it can happen that the Textbox can not be included.
Publish your product and come back to the App.

6. Your theme is not yet published #

To include the Textbox you have to make your Theme published. On a draft the Textbox can not be included.
If you publish your theme, go to the app and wait few seconds. In the background our script will integrate the Textbox into your theme.