Show the textbox on specific products/variants

Show the textbox on specific products/variants

Learn how you can target and display your Textbox to the right products, collections and variants.

Product Targeting

Step 1:
Create or edit a Textbox. When the settings will open you have the possibility to decide where your Textbox will be displayed. Scroll down to the section: Text field Targeting

Step 2:
To show the Textbox on specific products you can select „Show fields on this products„.
When you select this setting, there will show up some button to select the products. By clicking it a pop up will open up to select your products where the Textbox should be shown.

Variant Targeting #

In this section you can find some settings to display the Textbox just on specific variants.
If your Variant is called „Size“ and you have different options like S, M, L, XL you can target with this settings the options where you need a Textbox.