Setup the textbox with OS 1.0 – (Old) Themes

Setup the textbox with OS 1.0 – (Old) Themes

Follow this instructions to activate your Textbox on OS 1.0 Themes like Debut or Minimal.

Step 1:
Go to your App Section and click on the Textbox App.

Step 2:
The App Dashboard will shop up. To create a new text field, click on the green button on the right top corner.

Step 3:
Define a unique name for your Textbox. You can later change the name and all settings at any time. Click on the „save“ button for creating your first Textbox.

This is how it looks after you have saved your settings. You can now check if the Textbox is appearing on your storefront.
If the Textbox is not shown, please check your settings or write us a message via the Live Chat.