How to add the App block in theme editor?

How to add the App block in theme editor?

Activate App #

Click on the „Theme Setup“ button and choose afterwards your theme from the dropdown list.
You can also choose an unpublished theme, where you want to test the Textbox App.

Click on „Open theme editor“ to enable the app in your theme.

After you clicked on the button, you will be redirected in a new tab to your theme editor or storefront customizer.
You will see in the left or in the right column the embed app block from the Textbox App.
Click on „save“ to save your settings.

Add App block – only for OS 2.0 themes like DAWN etc. #

See here all OS 2.0 Themes from Shopify: All Themes OS 2.0

Go to your default product page in the storefront customizer / theme editor.

Place it on the position you prefer. In the most cases it’s best to place it above the buy buttons or quantity.
Click afterwards on the save button in the top right corner.