Change textbox position

Change textbox position

Instruction video (old) Shopify Themes 1.0 #

Shopify 1.0 Themes (Old themes)

To place the button in a specified position, you have to edit your product template code by opening:
Online Store > Themes, and clicking More actions > Edit Code for your published theme.

Note: This is an instruction for OS 1.0 Themes
For OS 2.0 Themes you can change the position by adding an App Block in the customizer.

Steps to follow:

Go to your Shopify Admin

1.    Navigate to Online Store

2.    Select Themes

3.    Navigate to Actions

4.    Click on Edit code

Your product template code is usually inside sections/product-template.liquid, but this can vary depending on your theme. Select the correct template from the left menu, then paste the following code inside the .liquid where you’d like the field to appear. Note that the code snippet have to be placed inside the product form.

<div id="textfieldapp"></div>
In this case the Textbox will appear above the Add to cart button.

Instruction video (new) Shopify Themes 2.0 #

Shopify 2.0 Themes (New themes)