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Display text box on the product page
The text box is displayed directly on the product page so that customers can easily enter important information. Compatible with Onlinestore 2.0.

Easy text box customisation
Specify for which products the text box should be displayed and whether it should be a single or multi-line text box.

Text box linked to orders
Entered texts are linked to the customer's order and are visible on the admin dashboard. Easy product options for your Shopify shop.

Upload fields
Create powerful file uploads for products that you can customise to your liking. Design, position, behaviour and language.

Upload all file types and sizes
Customers can easily upload files from their computer or mobile phone. All file types and sizes. Easily add a text field for uploading. 

Uploaded files linked to order
Uploaded files are linked to the customer's order. They can be downloaded from the order dashboard. 


Easy Date Picker - Calendar for date selection
It's never been easier to pick a date! Install the Date Picker app for Shopify and choose the product for which your customers can select a date.

Date Picker & Time Windows
Time windows allow your customers to select a specific time and date. You can even set how many time slots are available. 

Delivery date & store pick-up
With our app, you can easily implement click and collect. Let your customers choose between in-store pick-up and on-site delivery.